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The  Chocoholics Guide to Chocolate
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 Mississippi mud cake, chocolate fudge cake, chocolate pecan pie, devil's food cake, rocky road candy, fantasy fudge,  fudge frosting, German chocolate brownies,
 German chocolate cake, nutty chocolate pie, chocolate sauce, hot fudge pudding cake,  brownie bottom pie, black bottom pie, sweet chocolate pie, Hershey pie, chocolate cheesecake, hot fudge sauce,...

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  Table Of Contents

Mississippi Mud Cake Chocolate 'Fudge Cake'  
Hershey Bar Cake German Chocolate Cake
Devil's Food  Cake Hot Fudge Pudding Cake  
Fantasy Fudge Cake   Coca Cola Cake
Chocolate Lover's Cheesecake Creole Chocolate Cake


Texas Millionares    

Chocolate Peanut Clusters
Easy Rocky Road           Quick Fudge
Hello Dolly Bars Mississippi Fudge
Angel Fudge

Brownies & Cookies
Fudgy Brownies German Chocolate Brownies 
Texas Brownies Divine Truffle Brownies
One Bowl Chocolate Cookie Rocky Road Cookies
Neiman's $250.00 Cookie Recipe

Magic Cookie Bars    

Chocolate Pecan Pie Chocolate Cheese Pie
Hershey Pie I Hershey Pie II
Brownie Bottom Pie   Chocolate Chip Walnut Pie
Sweet Chocolate Pie  Classic Single Pie Crust  

Sauces & Toppings

Fudge Frosting Quick Hot Fudge Sauce
No-Cook Fudge Frosting

Hot Fudge Sauce

Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce Chocolate Glaze
Chocolate Icing Bitter Chocolate Icing


Chocolate Bread Chocolate Tea Bread

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