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The  Chocoholics Guide to Chocolate
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Chocolate Profile

Chocolate Profile No. 1
The Pastoral Chocolatist
Pensive, pleasant, somewhat shy
Favorite Time Of Day: Midafternoon
Favorite Season: Summer
Color Preference: Yellow, Green
Social Orientation: Likes Family Gatherings
Preferred Activities: Strolling, ruminating
Choice of Music: Lyrical
Relationship with Chocolate: Familiar
Choice of Chocolate: Milk
 Milk Chocolate is made of at least 10% chocolate liquor & 12% milk solids, combined with sugar, cocoa butter & vanilla.

Chocolate Profile No. 2
The Genteel Theobromian
Affable leader, secretly cynical
Favorite Time Of Day: Dusk
Favorite Season:  Winter
Color Preference: Blue
Social Orientation:
Enjoys discussion groups and committees
Preferred Activities: Philosophizing
Choice of Music:
Relationship with Chocolate:
Choice of Chocolate:
Sweet, semisweet
Sweet & semisweet chocolate are made from 15 - 35% chocolate liquor, plus sugar, cocoa butter & vanilla. There is no precise distinction between these 2 types of chocolate.

Chocolate Profile No. 3
The Refined Palette
Artistic, intellectual, reclusive
Favorite Time Of Day: Late evening
Favorite Season:  Fall
Color Preference: Gray
Social Orientation:
Shuns company
Preferred Activities:
Painting, reading
Choice of Music: Symphonic
Relationship with Chocolate: Formal ,but intense
Choice of Chocolate: Bittersweet
Bitter chocolate  or "unsweetened: chocolate is hardened chocolate liquor or "mass".
It is used for baking and is therefore sometimes referred to as "baking chocolate" or "baker's chocolate".

Chocolate Profile No. 4
The Sensuous Chocophile
Profile :Moody, impulsive, self indulgent
Favorite Time Of Day: Late morning (2 p.m. or so)
Favorite Season:
Color Preference: Lavender by day, Red by night
Social Orientation: Likes Visitors
Preferred Activities: Lounging, bathing, dining
Choice of Music: Romantic
Relationship with Chocolate: Extremely cordial
Choice of Chocolate: Chocolates
"Chocolates " refers to any assortment of bite size ,chocolate covered, over priced candies.


Chocolate Profile No. 5
The Vanilla Personality
Profile :
Favorite Time Of Day
: depends on TV schedule
Favorite Season: also depends on TV schedule
Color Preference: Fuchsia, Chartreuse
Social Orientation: backward
Preferred Activities: TV, carob-bean cruises
Choice of Music: AM radio
Relationship with Chocolate: Mutual antipathy
Choice of Chocolate: white
There is some disagreement over whether white chocolate is "real" chocolate. Its ingredients--cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids, vanilla-the same as milk chocolate but without the chocolate liquor.